Monday, September 21, 2009

A thousand splendid suns

A man's heart is a wretched wretched thing, Mariam. It isn't like a mother's womb. It won't bleed, it won't stretch to make room for you.I'm the only one who loves you. I'm all you have in this world Mariam,and when I'm gone you'll have nothing. You'll have nothing. You arenothing.

An innocent daughter caught by the charm of her father, who throws a deaf ear to the above words is later entangled in twists of life. Helplessness, void of not being loved, unable to do anything, she meets another soul equally caught in the web of life.Finally as some one I know quoted ' Be the spider in the web, but not theinsect caught in the web' the former woman ends her life long miserypaving her way for eternal darkness and eternal happiness for the latter.
Writen very vivid, not prolonging unlike his previous book (Kiterunner)Khaled does an amazing job untangling the story.The story folds and unfolds right from the first chapter.And it is not untill you come to the end of the capter that the mysteryunravels itself and pulls tighter knots in your stomach.But somewhere down the pages, the reader is conditioned to see what's coming. But again, the reader's ravenous appetite is justified by a proper meal with unexpected events.
All in all a very feminine story ( I should have predicted itas it was dedicated to Afghan women) unlike his previous book.
An interesting read, though I was little disappointed with the ending.I was, you need not be.
I like: The style and flow
I do not like: The story ends a lot before than you realise. Why are your ends prolonged Mr.Khaled?Why??????????

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lehman's first anniversary

-Barclay's takes on the building
-Ben Bernake is extended
-congress reigns its legacy
-CEO's are issued HUGE bonuses
-Japan has a democratic leader
-YSR expires
-Taliban leader expires
-Michael Jackson expires
-Federer looses
-Massa is hurt
-Afghanistan conducts elections
-Air france flight crashes
-Indian ministers practise austerity by taking economy class
-Chandrayan proves to be failure
-V.Malya and P.Advani have the last laugh
-Greenshoots arise
-Saif dates Kareena or is it the other way round?
-Harley Davidson plans to target India
Admist all this and many more

Where the hell is my job??????????????????????????????

Monday, September 14, 2009

Relationships are built and broke on WORDS

a small hello or hi is all it takes to start a relationship
and a simple 'i do not like that' or 'go to hell' can break a relationship

People walking out on you/giving up on you when u still want them
can be painful....end of the day, hope is a hard habbit to break my friend
Living on hope is like walking on an endless path of broken glasses
the pain and the path both resist to cease, so does the unrelenting will to tread that path

Pain and Life seem to be 2 awful four letter words than the cliched four letter word

PS:too much of emotions and negativity filled my blog oflate...but hang on as am about to post something that happened on an APSRTC bus :D

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can't think of an appropriate title

it's not until this long lost schoolmate of mine reminded me of this amazing number and i was so enthuly typing out a mail that I decided to blog my overflowing philosophy

".....more than song i luvvv the such an amazing has to move on....u stop at a sight thinking that this-is-it but again you have to kick those un necessary cockroaches that come into ur life out and keep driving....but again as bud fox in the movie wallstreet says life is a series of moments....and we sometimes attempt and kiss the wrong frogs hoping they turn into the prince...okay now i dun mean prince but may be a desired situation or an :D"

as the one liner goes "you can kiss a fool, you can let a fool kiss you, but do not let a kiss fool you"....
being the optimistic asses that we are, we try and think of some illusions as the best win-win situation and by the time, we realise its an illusion, least we know is that we are least prepared to clear the hell lot of crap we are drowned in

Friday, September 4, 2009

Push to Shove

Life has it own twists and turns
There are people who come in, twist your whole life and wait eagerly to see how it turns(Just in case YOU are reading this loads of love for all the twists :D am not commenting about the turns:D)

Now, ya'll have dreamsBut at the end of the day respect for what we do and self respect matter
We push hard to achieve it...but in the end we realise what we love and ask the whole world to Shove it :D
Just like my all tym fav video down here :D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crave not but care

oflate there have been a lot of things going on in my life(but this post is not related to whats going on)
the beauty of going through razor sharp pain lies in how you over come it cause at the end of the day even if it's easier said than done.....happyness of sadness is to be pursued
life moves erasing the smile of yours due to not having that special something which can make u smile,smile and let people near and dear to you smile rather than craving for that something which may or may not be yours
at the end of the day its destiny
never complain about lying in anticipation cause only lying there teaches you what you have not pursued
pain is inevitable
comes in many shapes and forms, tangible and intangible
and as some smart ass said suffering is optional
things you want appear distant and may not come back and in the process things not so distant are distanced
Craving is a horrible thing but caring rocks...Care and leave it...if it wants it will come back,else u will not be worriedabout how u did not care for it
lol...i cant imagine this philosophical post on my blog
and yea all the senior citizens in BJP try to move past (along with me) Jinnah and Jaswant

This one for you

like passing clouds
people come into your lives
some go
some make promises to stay but leave
and very few stay
this is to you my dear friend....
for staying through thick and thin
for not making false promises
for lending a shoulder to cry
for the support
for soothing the razor sharp pain with your presence

So, that down the lane when I look back into life and think about the pang of lonliness
and deep hurt I am going through now, I will remind myself of how
you helped it heal

Hugs >:D<