Monday, August 18, 2008

Have been out of the Bloging world for quite some time.
starting off again..highly inspired by this friend from schools i go:
Am highly surprised by the negative connotation attached to the word MISTAKE.

Competition and Globalization has taken its toll. Right from childhood to death you are forced not to make a mistake.As a child you are asked not to play in the mud, As a student you are warned of a punishment in case you commit a mistake.As a boyfriend/girlfriend looking around when a Beautiful woman/handsome man passes by is a mistake.In how many boardrooms do you hear " its OKAY to make a mistake".CEOs run around the office yelling: I dont want a mistake
How do we define Mistake? Is Mistake not following the T n Cs or stepping out and doing something NOT prescribed in the guidelines?Why is mistake so negatively hyped? The fear of making a mistake has a good chance of stopping many of us out here from achieving our childhood dreams.Mistakes and Creativity have this very thin line between them. The fear of making a mistake is making some one guilty and hinders from being Creative.
Nonetheless its time to understand that a mistake can lead to misery or does all depends on the way we initially accept them but at the end of the day ITS PRETTY OKAY TO MAKE A MISTAKE.