Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This one for you

like passing clouds
people come into your lives
some go
some make promises to stay but leave
and very few stay
this is to you my dear friend....
for staying through thick and thin
for not making false promises
for lending a shoulder to cry
for the support
for soothing the razor sharp pain with your presence

So, that down the lane when I look back into life and think about the pang of lonliness
and deep hurt I am going through now, I will remind myself of how
you helped it heal

Hugs >:D<


ben10 said...

nice one akka......:)

Shrik said...


Virtual Epiphany said...

@vij:thank yeww :D

@shrik: secret :D

Virtual Epiphany said...

@ben10:sorry partha :):D

A J A Y said...

kavitha adirindi... heart touching kooda... nice one dear go ahead :)