Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crave not but care

oflate there have been a lot of things going on in my life(but this post is not related to whats going on)
the beauty of going through razor sharp pain lies in how you over come it cause at the end of the day even if it's easier said than done.....happyness of sadness is to be pursued
life moves on....by erasing the smile of yours due to not having that special something which can make u smile,smile and let people near and dear to you smile rather than craving for that something which may or may not be yours
at the end of the day its destiny
never complain about lying in anticipation cause only lying there teaches you what you have not pursued
pain is inevitable
comes in many shapes and forms, tangible and intangible
and as some smart ass said suffering is optional
things you want appear distant and may not come back and in the process things not so distant are distanced
Craving is a horrible thing but caring rocks...Care and leave it...if it wants it will come back,else u will not be worriedabout how u did not care for it
lol...i cant imagine this philosophical post on my blog
and yea all the senior citizens in BJP try to move past (along with me) Jinnah and Jaswant


A J A Y said...

hehe nice phiolosophical post lyk it :)

Anonymous said...

Care and leave it, if it returns, it might have the name of snoopy, droopy
or might i say goofy :P

I agree, totally! about the need to experience evrything without backing out. Esp.ly the responsibility of ours, to keep our dear ones happy!

I never felt that to be burden, instead to see a smile on one's near and dear, lightens up the spirit like I have just run a 10 km race :D

But, then ........
my smart ass quips that when you like something, try to go after it with fulto gusto (personal experience)
otherwise heartbreak becomes so common that the heart might have as well been replaced by Mr. Humpty Dumpty

Here's my comment for your flattering comment for my comment)S) :D

PS:mine's just a newly started blog by a reinvented blogger, yours is something different, nice blog! forgot to mention it last time

Anonymous said...

DOnt worry about the BJP lolz!Whats that want thing doing in ur profile image....are you planning to duel with some one ? :P

Vineel said...

Nijam cheppu, deeniki inspiration ento? :P

Virtual Epiphany said...

@ ajay: i lyks ur comment too :D

@ tatsat : lol snoopy dooby doo or who ever:P nthn lyk a smile on ur near and dear :D
@ budding geek:duel...hehe :P no not yet :D

@vineel: inthaaaaaa late aaaaaaaaa
antha status messages pettina intha late chesav :p

Venky said...

For a moment, I wondered if you wrote this about yourself or some one or me !! :P ... very bold post ... like always :) ... I really wish I could do this ... I could control myself at that thin line where we go beyond caring and start craving !! Wouldnt that be great ?!?! :-) ..pch!!