Wednesday, October 22, 2008

of all things(mom's food,dad's egg curry,aura of hyderabad etc), I miss the simple pat of parents on the back which says it all....which when verbalized translates as : it's fine. u will get through the tough phases in life and u r managing it well.
I need it more in this foriegn country. Where every person is waiting to blame the other. Where people scream at you for doing what you are doing, that too when they are walking in the same shoes and trudging the same path. When people talk in a pitch which is decibels higher than a factory's siren (a siren would put itself to shame) outside your room and wake u up when u are sleeping after a long tyring day(to add to it those who do not live where i do) . When a foodie gets nothing veg and remotely edible stuff to eat. To add it aviation industries screw the prices 3 times higher to see loved ones back home. Am tierd acting like nothing happened.

I need a break, before i break apart.

ps:i have been restraining myself from posting anything negative but people around me are nothing but negative, insensitve whose ultimate soul is to put you down when you are already put down by the current financial crisis and many more complicated things. every remotely decent human being on this planet is trying to achieve something. it might take him there or throw him in trash. all that matters is a small word of apreciation.