Thursday, October 8, 2009

About Social teachers and Finance Ministers

Nothing like coming to India to your old friends.
Old friends are more like old cotton pyjamas, with a proper fit and with holes or a tear here and there which we like and nothing like coming to home and blogging on your bed in your room with an AC temperature of your choice.
Gaps prove to be quite disastrous. Our finance minister( I would like to call him our inflation minister) forecasts inflation to be 5% by coming Fiscal.
Before that, I guess our central ministers are more like our Social Studies teachers back in school. Yes, she was the one who was holding all the strings together.
Social teacher is an English miss when the real one is absent, she also plays the role of a class teacher and when the situation demands she ends up teaching reproductive system of frogs in biology. No offense dear social teachers. I promise that this was totally a part of being there, learnt that - from a Social teacher.
So are our ministers. One political year, Mr.X is a sports minister, if the political situation calls for a by election, he is now the finance minister and by the next elections Mr.X is the communications minister. they have mutual career experts working on you divirsified portfolio sort of career or something?
Recently China had their ID celebrations. Least said a feast to the eyes.
Some one asked: OMG look at the way they are growing. What do you think, which country is better? India or China?
I: thought-> puhleez....for starters I was in Singapore for 2 years(its not a chinki land) I am not an expert on Chindian issues. Having a chinese room mate does not mean we sit together and speak about the economy of china. I do not understand mandarin.
Some one said: Ey...Whaaat are you taaaking??? China is fantabulous....

Well..upon retrospection China is outgrowing India. We might be happy with the petty achievements this fiscal as to how we got more car manufacturers setting up plants in India, be it beating China on marginal margins.
But are we really considering the gaps?
Our budget, whatever said and done, is only raising the infrastructure index.
In the long run, unless we bridge the gap that we widened between the rural and urban areas, we are ought to be happy on the petty margins.
China for starters has an internal passport system. I totally appreciate Nandan jee for giving up the top shot job with a top shot bank balance to go fight it in the union. But how long yaar???
I hope it does not take as long as a time to read your book. I had to verify wether I was reading a statistics book.
We are not bent to prove Gandhiji wrong. REAL INDIA IS IN VILLAGES.
With more of irritation and lack of narration I end here
That is why, we should not have ministers who replicate social teachers back in school