Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can't think of an appropriate title

it's not until this long lost schoolmate of mine reminded me of this amazing number and i was so enthuly typing out a mail that I decided to blog my overflowing philosophy

".....more than song i luvvv the such an amazing has to move on....u stop at a sight thinking that this-is-it but again you have to kick those un necessary cockroaches that come into ur life out and keep driving....but again as bud fox in the movie wallstreet says life is a series of moments....and we sometimes attempt and kiss the wrong frogs hoping they turn into the prince...okay now i dun mean prince but may be a desired situation or an :D"

as the one liner goes "you can kiss a fool, you can let a fool kiss you, but do not let a kiss fool you"....
being the optimistic asses that we are, we try and think of some illusions as the best win-win situation and by the time, we realise its an illusion, least we know is that we are least prepared to clear the hell lot of crap we are drowned in


Mural! said...

"you can kiss a fool, you can let a fool kiss you, but do not let a kiss fool you" --- nice phrase, Moral? No foolish kissing :P i suppose!

Well put, especially at the stage I am in, your post made life all the more DIFFICULT! Is it a frog? Or a princess (ofcourse, not a prince)? more doubts now! :P

Well hoping my illusions turn into the grandiose schemes of world domination that I had ultimately planned :D

I too happened to live with a 4(yea!) chinese roommates for 2 months though, I found them shy and very friendly who could not even hurt a fly (there were no flies for that matter!), no mal-intentions intended :P

Anyways, good thoughts, might be useful for me in retrospect

Virtual Epiphany said...

lol absolutely....Noooooo foolish kissing....:D
Well for eons now frogs were thought to be turning into a prince'only'....may be cuz only women are foolish enuf to kiss a frog lol :D ok no more abt that now :D

good luck for world domination :D

chinese n shy:-o? those guys are nude or semi half of the tym...

thank yew :D