Saturday, August 29, 2009


I've been thinking about how random events change our life.
How we meet people at random, fall in love at random, take decisions at random and what we least understand when we do things at random is that this randomness is going to change our life FOREVER and again
if its for good - the best
if its for bad - the worse

Someone I know quoted one evening in awe - " I wonder how men leave affectionate wives for beautiful ones"
That coming from a fairer sex and me being a woman I could not help but jibe with that
It's not untill rececently I saw the following ad

(I contradict myself in the coming lines, which I phrase as "growing up" till I get myself enlightened about this world)
Now when you look into this topic, Saif leaves his love for a random Kareena.
Some people (me included) call it destiny but most of us (i'd call us good hearted cuz I include myself in the most) would feel sad for the butterfly girl (for 2 reasons:
1.The effort was totally made by saif
2.It was Saif who left the girl after wooing her
3.The mutual bond shared for such a long time, ruptured, leaving the girl hurt)

There are this other set of people, calling spending all their life with the girl or rather one girl - stupidity.
In that case, Saif should not have come back to this girl, which in turn turned his destiny to meet kareena.
Now, thats a random event.It's so sad to see a mutual love so far broken.(Now, this is what I call ..nothing hurts like randomness(refer to my previous post))
For some might think:Is it called randomness? Or is it d'uh-screw-that-gal--beauty-is-brains?

And One reason I love Nassim Nicholas Taleb is for that we take forgranted of such events NOT happening. But again what is the meaning of a soulmate?
There are set of us who bend ourselves to the conventions and lead a happy Indian life.
There are another of us, non confirmists who question the traditions and wait for their soulmate and live happily ever after if they find them and find mutual happiness.
There are set of these extremist non confirmists who question the concept of soulmates all through their life in the process hurt people(and for sad...hurt souls who love them beyond love). They question mutual happiness after a while. Saif in this ad belongs to this category.

A lot of us do not know what we want to do in life.
1.Some do cause they want to do.
2.Some do cause they have to do.
3.Some do for the sake of doing.
4.Some do NOT do cause they do not know what to do.
Except the first and last the rest all do not understand randomness. Even if they do, they play around it(even if we do not want to play around it...and we term it by the four letter word Fate). They ignore outliers.
Except the first, the rest all become rebellious after some time.
( Am talking from a pure human approach, not the radical events which are shaking and questioning our social and economic dynamics).

Over and all, a sulky, loathsome ad which makes me puke. Sorry Mr.Sunil Bharti Mittal. (No, I do not blame the ad agency even if they are at a huge fault here)


A J A Y said...

haha yeh Randomness sucks but there is no way 2 escape this randomness lyf... :( as basically god made a human brain to not satisfy wit anything for a lyf tym so no one cant help it as every1 wants a random changes in their lives which may give more pleasure sometimes or might even create big disasters if they choose a wrong way but watever it may be change is change (Randomness)... In that ad Saif also faced da same situation of choosing da best 4 him but he found some wat bestest attracted thing on da same tym so obivously y shud he sacrifies his soul for only da best which is bit lower than bestest 4 him acc. 2 ad so lite...... The gal who gt broken doesnt deserve saif in her lyf again as some1 who can care more 4 her might be waiting on her back... so finally mutual understanding/relation counts if there is no mutual relation happens b/w ny 2 then obviously it takes 'em in a wrong direction of their lives rather than choosing the good one... so randomness is life & life is randomness we shud accept it & follow in our own way of creation which may be bad or good but ultimately decision is ours coz if we dont make our lives bcum worse who will do it 4 us... so just take a chill pill baby & lets accept our lives as it comes 2 us ;):):D

Anonymous said...

Firstly Kareena is not random, the "soulmate" is :P
On a more serious note,
I liked this ad, because it shows a basic human behaviour in a humorous way.
I like randomness, would prbbly eqate myself with the fourth of your types, but don't consider myself to be rebellious, not as yet atleast, think of myself more as an accomodater. Live and let live. 1.2 billion people, cannot all act in a single way, like the rainbow, the more colourful the characters we come across, the more enjoyable and rich the life is......think about it :)
Only when there is Mr. Hyde, do we adore a certain Dr. Jekyll, otherwise he would have been another of the Tom, Dick and Harry stereotypes.
But the ad was "seriuosly" funny :P

Virtual Epiphany said...
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Virtual Epiphany said...

@ajay: any guy in his true mind will not loose the girl in the ad....em chedam some time ppl cant see even see through their own selves and yeah randomness is life and life is randomness

@tatsat: lol by random kareena i meant a random girl who comes into ur life..disassociate herself with the meaning of random in my post
U like this ad i disagree
and Hyde and Jekyll concept cant disagree :D
and ya am not talkin abt 1.2 bn ppl acting the same
just 2
make a complete clap
dun leave 1 of em longing for it ----is what i meant:P
even if the charecters in the rainbow are colorful the beauty lies in all the seven colours stickin together...:)