Friday, September 4, 2009

Push to Shove

Life has it own twists and turns
There are people who come in, twist your whole life and wait eagerly to see how it turns(Just in case YOU are reading this loads of love for all the twists :D am not commenting about the turns:D)

Now, ya'll have dreamsBut at the end of the day respect for what we do and self respect matter
We push hard to achieve it...but in the end we realise what we love and ask the whole world to Shove it :D
Just like my all tym fav video down here :D


The Black Panther said...

nice one...dont even care for those u dont care for u !!thats my way of living my life .. like chris in the video belongs to LAPD..everyone belongs somewhere..everyone will one day surely land to where we belong and the rest can shove up whatever

Virtual Epiphany said...

Yayy totally...we belong to our all can shove it *screaming lisa style :D *

Mural! said...

identity goood
personality better!

nice video, long time since i watched this movie! :D