Thursday, August 27, 2009

" I tell you out of experience"

The probability of something good happening is 0.5 and same with bad..
Probability is highly associated with the term uncertainty which at the end of the day is a gamble. As far as its left to aggressive and stubborn souls its fine but sometimes its happy to remain uncertain even if the payoff is same as being certain.
What lures rather itches the human mind is the positive consequence of moving from uncertainity to certaininty.
Management schools walls reverbrate with the phrase "my dear students, change is constant"
The external environment keeps changing. demanding the rules of the game to be changed.
One lesson that they do not teach you at schools is that people change.
Core might be the same..good or bad....but still
people change, people move on, people are manipulative, people are not to be forgranted to remain the same,people say things they do not mean.
Tommorow is not what today is the end of the day, its us people who change the rules affecting the environment by and large and one industry which has adopted this concept beautifuly is the film industry.
In a movie there is a MBA there is no protagonist...and even if they call some one a protagonist, he is one who is struggling to come to a decision from a situation, which in turn is created by the real protagonist. If the sub prime crises has to be made into a movie, it surely will be rotated around the person whose selfish idea bought the whole world crashing down.
As Galileo Galilei quoted - nothing can be taught to the human mind, everything has to be learnt and according to me it surely has to be the hard way.
A decision good or bad taken, has to walked every step sweet or otherwise and learnt.
Maybe that is why every one cherishes school and college life till death.
Once education is imparted, and once you step out of college gates everything in life has to be learnt.
Be it meeting people, going to places,getting into relationships(love and hate), earning money, nothing is taught.
May be that is why we say "i tell you out of experience" rather than "i tell you out of education".
Setting one's own rules, puts themselves to gamble, either in the short term or long term.
In real life, people are picked to be used, are used up and thrown.
It's upto us if we are picked in a positive sense or
It's upto us how long we choose to carry on the burden of gamble like a burning cauldron on our hearts
never ever totally believe in a random event, cause nothing hurts like randomness...(when the event backfires)


A J A Y said...

asalu naku eee post ardam chesukodaniki chala time pattindi.. anta Hi Fi eng naa valla kadu but u expressed very well ra & truely said too... mothaniki positivity ni adopt chesukomani cheppav adi baga nachindi... nice one :)

Anonymous said...

LIked your profile pic, Audrey Hepburn. Big Fan.
Loved your thoughts abt "from exp/not edu"
NIce observation you've got here

Now then,
ppl chng, the tendency to take for granted mite prbbly be one among the most sinful. i believe. Just my belief.

People do change, for good/for bad. The option is always there. Unfortunately, you might have had some bad experiences here.

I think randomness is what keeps life from being a sick droneful bee's life!

Virtual Epiphany said...

@ajay:hehe edo ala rasesa:p
tharvatha chadute naku ardham kaledu anko :P and ya thank yew :D

@tatsat:thnx :D
i 2nd u....i totally adore audrey

tendency to take things forgranted is 1 big expectations we as people should get detached with

sad experience no...heart breakin yes:P...i say so not for sympathy but for the intensity of the post....

Randomness totally rox :D
only when colours keep changing we search and realise the right colour :D