Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lehman's first anniversary

-Barclay's takes on the building
-Ben Bernake is extended
-congress reigns its legacy
-CEO's are issued HUGE bonuses
-Japan has a democratic leader
-YSR expires
-Taliban leader expires
-Michael Jackson expires
-Federer looses
-Massa is hurt
-Afghanistan conducts elections
-Air france flight crashes
-Indian ministers practise austerity by taking economy class
-Chandrayan proves to be failure
-V.Malya and P.Advani have the last laugh
-Greenshoots arise
-Saif dates Kareena or is it the other way round?
-Harley Davidson plans to target India
Admist all this and many more

Where the hell is my job??????????????????????????????


Mural! said... taking some time out prbbly :P
Hang on! :)

vijju said...

hahahaaaaaaa..........u will get one very soon!patience is virtue!

Sunny Depp said...

THIS.... probably is ur job!! Think of it :) 'creative writing'