Saturday, June 14, 2008

So,How is it in Singapore?

People have been asking me this quite often theese days.
Life in Singapore eh???????
So,what do you want to listen?
I would have been delighted enough to give a mono syllable response and shoo you off but my dear friend, Life in Singapore can not be described in one word.
Living a cosy life for almost 2 decades, where you
have to wash your clothes
cook your food
clean your dishes
wash your own loo
is a thing of past and lost glory
Living the monotonous watching movies-bunking college-eating biryani in one of the best food joints in hyderabad-gossiping with friends-never studying life, one fine day I got bored and prayed God to add a U turn to my life and Bingo, praise the lord the U turns come in the form of an admission letter and an air ticket.
Next moment I found myself in a plane munching cheesecakes a few kilometers above Indian Ocean and when I made sure I was high on cheesecakes the airlines dropped me at Changi International Airport. Determined to take life as it comes, I made my way to the exit and Henceforth started to experience, a bed of roses.
Singapore - 4 hours from Hyderabad is a country where
- the maid earns more than your pocketmoney back in India in just an Hour.
- you have to walk,sweat,walk,sweat,walk,sweat,walk,sweat to reach the bus stop
- you take a cab and pay nearly 15 to 40 times the public transport charge
- even TATA's bank balance aint enough to pay a normal fine
- Pig is considered a soup and amphibians are considered Food
- Every non veg dish has a vegetarian substitute
- bubles are in a Tea
- greenery,dustbins,traffic signals, ATMs are everywhere
- roads are smooth as silk
- Snails win the race competing with buses
- you pay 120INR per minute to call India if you are not using a calling card
- you fall out of options to eat esp if you are not cooking
- you have a Q (surprising if you are an Indian)
- you have state of art libraries
- one tomato costs you 10INR
and where you have really cute people adding LA to every sentence
Well I can go On and On, but I got to stop somewhere
All in All Singapore is a sexy city/capital/country/island.
Like a baby fresh from a mother's womb is what the country looks like when it rains
state of art infrastructure, excellent roads, security systems in place
MIND BLOWING airports, discos, condominiums, HDBs with all facilities, Shopping malls, food courts, Great Singapore Sale, island wide Wireless connection, upcoming casinos, convention centres, expo, business districts, regular public transportation, cleanest of toilets, non intermittent power supply, pleasant beaches, diving, rafting, bungee jumping............... Singapore has it all
being an island utilising the space in the most effecient way without choking people's lives
rags to riches is the phrase
the country's grown and became a mature market
For once you have goosebumps seeing how much the government is doing to keep the citizens happy
Am totally in love with the city and will always love it...neva change,mwah
Au Revoir

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Venky said...

You are an awesome writer ma'am !! Nothing more , nothing less ! Honestly, I think this is how I always wished to write/ (could never do it though :P) describe about some new inspiring place ...