Wednesday, June 25, 2008

how long will it continue in India?

Even a third grade kid at school, when counter questioned says " Look mister, India is a democratic country, we have freedom to talk, speak, shout, shit and bullshit"
How free is India ( or rather Indians) in expressing their thoughts, or putting forth worthwhile actions?
A press editor is arrested near midnight in his office for a reason whom every one thinks is silly(i do not support any of the parties involved, neither the newspaper)
Aftermath: journalists and writers and all other people related to any kind of media carry out rallies and rasta rokos through the state.
1. People and press are not given freedom of thought
2.To express your frustration, create hassles to the already heavily jammed traffic.
3.Whom do police support?Politicians or People?
Am too frustrated and vexed with the cliche "INDIAN MENTALITY"
Come on India, lets C H A N G E
for starters you can learn to cross the road at the zebra crossing and teach some one else to do so.......
Lets all HOPE for a better tomorrow.


Rumm... said...

we dont hav zebra crossing i belive many plces... kidding nywayz thiz is a good thought.... i admire it.. but problem with us is we alwys talk about changing rather than doing... hope we do something for ourselves..


Virtual Epiphany said...

unfortuntely we do not have a little of what we should be having and have a lot of what we should not be having.....