Thursday, September 23, 2010

Change and in a big way.....Last 11 months and days to come

It's almost 11 and a half months I posted something on my blog and I blame time for forgetting my blog address
Life changed in a big way in these 11 months
there were gains and there were learnings
and everything feels like it happened just yesterday
Came back to India....hunt for jobs.....fell in love with one of the best guys in the world
got married.....went through ups and downs and realized the joy and love in sticking together
shifted homes, then shifted places to make my own home
lost weight....put on weight....loosing weight
met new some....hate some
did a stint in a job....loved my colleagues....
learnt cooking....
and so on
Last 11 months is filled with moments of many first times
- Spent money earned carelessly for the first time
- Cooked a candle light dinner for the first time
- Held hands and walked under the moon for the first time
- Got a short hair cut for the first time
- Started making friends with random people for the first time
- Fell in love for the first and the last time

But life took a back seat in another way:
stopped reading and learning things, stopped being in touch with best of friends, stopped worrying about my weight and stopped blogging

I want to start doing the above and
by dec 31st I wish to
learn guitar and play and sing a song for pramod, take him on a long drive in the car, drop 2 dress sizes, blog more, write at least one nice article and hopefully earn a little money


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis! your blogging again huh! gr8!

A J A Y said...

its nice 2 see u bogging again after a long time da :) changes are the part of our lives so good 2 know that u experienced a lots of changes in a short period & most of the dem are for good & useful things for you am happy 2 hear that. :) Keep up ur spirit & am sure that u gonna earn a lots & lots of dollars wit ur upcoming articles so wish u good luck for that tc :D