Thursday, June 25, 2009

2007 - 2009

  • Yeah, yeah another new year
  • Oh yayyy IBS :D
  • Oh crap, waitlistd
  • Yay...Singapore
  • Oh gosh bloody beautiful
  • Spend spend spend
  • Shit, bloody weekends
  • Yayy Sunday evening...sleep time....
  • Good morning Monday evening
  • Oh god, PDAs suck
  • Oh god, Chinese food rocks
  • Oh man, rebonding
  • Oh god, assignments
  • Case studies????What on earth are they?
  • Oh crap living in a PG sucks
  • Oh yayy Indiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa trip
  • Oh yay, biryani
  • Oh yay, pani puri
  • Oh yay, road side noodles
  • Oh shit, stomach upset
  • Oh shit, flight back
  • Oh shit, I miss India
  • Oh shit, I hate the silence
  • Oh yyayy Sale
  • Yayy I love Singapore again
  • Oh crap, exams
  • Oh shit my roomie snores
  • God, am never ever going to share my room again
  • Oh yayy an open book exam:D:D:D:D:D:D:D, the one who thought of this concept is GOD
  • Oh crap, I cant find the answers anywhere in this book
  • Oh crap, why don't hard copies have a CTRL F. F F F F F F
  • Oh god age differences
  • Oh god regional differences
  • Oh I miss Engineering days
  • Oh yayyy India Trip :d
  • Oh yayy SQ rox :D
  • Oh god, do not make this flight end
  • Oh god, let the same steward be on the return flight
  • Oh crap, No stewards at all??????????
  • Oh shit exams
  • What on earth is 'Relative Grading?'
  • Oh God, the uncles and the aunties:-<
  • Oh F, i swear a lot. GOTTO STOP. F F F F F
  • Oh shit, results
  • Oh yayy evenings at esplanade
  • Oh yayyy Pastamania, fried mars, hagen daaz
  • Oh I miss Indian food
  • My dear East Coast babe, am coming home for FOOD
  • Oh my friend's boy friend sucks...why do I end up having dinner with them?
  • Oh yayy movies
  • Oh yayy I have an employed friend now. So, I know whom to waste my phone bill on :D
  • Oh crap, select electives?
  • Oh yayy India Trip :D
  • Chi, Tiger Sucks
  • Oh yeah a new crush
  • Oh crap, back again
  • God, Marketing assignments rock only that I need to replace the ctrl C and V keys
  • Oh shit, inflation in India
  • Oh shit Recession
  • Oh crap 1SGD = 35 INR???????(the last I checked it was 25INR)
  • Oh crap, rents are sky rocketing
  • Oh god, living in a non ac triple sharing room:(
  • Oh crap, things are so expensive
  • Oh god, 4 tomatoes = 1 dollar implies 4 tomatoes = 35 re implies1 tomato = 8smthnINR:-0
  • Yayy India
  • Crap, back
  • What the hell has Fixed Income Securities do with me choosing finance elective?
  • Oh, why the hell did the chennai girl take HR?
  • Excel modeling???? The guy taught all the wrong stuff. Isnt he supposed to talk about john abraham or those A&F models?????? Those guys excelled at modeling
  • Oh god, Singapore's falling short of nice Indian men :(
  • Oh bus, please go slow, so that I do not have to sit next to him/her
  • Oh shit it's him/her, where's the nearest exit???????????????????????
  • Oh man, am putting on weight
  • Oh shit, why are Chinese men so short?
  • Listen babe, got to rant
  • Crap, a live project??? Does that mean no Ctrl C and V?
  • Options and Futures...Isnt this supposed to be a counselling class?
  • Commercial Banking:-o??????????????
  • Oh god, when did I pile so many books?
  • Shit, it rains 25hrs a day in this country
  • Oh god, am running short of reasons not to go that party
  • Oh yayy end of Finance
  • Bloody job search
  • Why the hell is every one interested in post - MBA life?
  • Oh shit HR
  • Selection Recruitment Training and Development - EH??????????????????????????
  • Oh shit its 25th June 2009 and only 2 more days for the course to finish????
  • Oh do I :( or :)?


Shrik said...

oh god 13 times
oh shit 13 times
oh yay 14 times

so the analysis are..
SINGAPORE trip was Good.. :D

Venky said...

Two years summarized in too good a manner ... hahaha .. laughed a lot !! :-) ...and your posts -totally unconventional, new style !! very nice one again there ma'am !! Post ilaa koodaa raayochchannamaataa anipinchindi !!

A J A Y said...

haha lol 2 yrs lo jarigina chinna chinna vishayalu kooda gurthu pettukuni variety ga raasav niku naa joharlu..... naakey kanaka devudu inta memory ichi unte naa engg exams lo chittilu batti pattukuni rasi mari state first vachevadinemoo :O

Keep it up dear I lyk da new style of writing da post so I think its time 4 me to adopt dis style :D

Virtual Epiphany said...

@ shrik: hehe ya ya it was good
tirigi ravadam okkate good kaale:(

@venky: hahah...ya ya ila kuda rayochu:P thank yew :D

@ajay: lol engg meeda kuda radam ankunna but emi gurturale cinema theatres thappa :P
thank yew :D