Friday, January 16, 2009

one more phase of life

i feel so heavy, so depressed, so out of place
i am angry and lonely
i am stranded alone on an island
none to talk to, none to call, none to see
days are filled with nothing but dark and stinky shadows of loneliness
dreams keep me going
but now i really wonder: How long?
Patience levels are breaking
Tolerance levels are declining
Can I keep going? or is this the end of me?


Venky said...

Firstly, thanks alot for putting in a lot of effort and reading my telugu post (song!!) :-).

I know, this kind of situation is very painful. Clocks seem to have got stuck! Feels like stranded for sometime !! But then, ya, its your dreams that drive you ahead. I think, we need to recollect them in these situations and get going. Once you reach there and if yo look back, then all this pain seems sweet, i guess ! And, you would enjoy the completion of journey much more than you would have without all of these !!

Keep goin' !! :-)

Virtual Epiphany said...

:) am scared to even look back :P
but i guess good or bad tyms both will pass